The Spinney Children's Centre

It is the role of Children's Centres to reduce inequalities in Parenting aspirations, self esteem and skills

Our performance indicators are to increase the percentage of eligible families benefitting from the childcare element of Working Tax Credits


Children's Centres will provide.

A welcoming environment for all families.

Information, advice and guidance on a range of issues to enable families to make informed choices such as:

  • Working tax credits
  • Housing
  • Welfare rights
  • Benefits
  • Money and debt
  • Childcare choices

Information to access adult learning and employment advice/guidance with links to Job Centre Plus(JCP).

Activities aimed at supporting young children's social development and increasing parent's skills and confidence and socialisation through shared play.

Access to community services such as FIS or fire service that provide information and guidance to the benefit of the family.

Opportunities and support for parents to register with the centre.

Volunteering opportunities to enable parents to become actively engaged in the delivery of services.

Support to parents to influence service provision through local governance arrangements, advisory board, parents forum, through consultations and evaluations.