The Spinney Children's Centre

Child and Family Health



 Children's Centres aim to


  • promote good physical and mental health for both children and their families
  • safeguard children and families
  • support parents to improve skills that enable them to access education, training and employment
  • address risk factors so that children and their families are safe, free from poverty and able to improve both their immediate well being and their future life chances.

This is underpinned in part by the Healthy Child Programme (2009) and the Health Visitor Implementation Plan (2011).  These state that every children’s centre should have access to a named health visitor and have a health visitor on the advisory board. It recognises the unique professional expertise of the health visitor to deliver the Healthy Child Programme, lead health improvement on subjects such as healthy eating and accident prevention, help families stay in touch with a wide source of support and be the leaders of child health locally, fostering partnerships between GPs, midwives and children’s centres.