The Spinney Children's Centre

Health Services at the Centre

NB - Please be aware that the following information may change as Children's Centres are changing from 25th July.  Please contact the advice line 01883 340922.

Midwives Clinic (Wednesday Mornings)
Advance appointments are arranged by your midwife.

Development Checks (Tuesday afternoons)
Parents/carers will be invited to attend a development check by their health visitor. These group sessions provide an opportunity for your child to play while the Health Visitor checks your child’s development and discusses any concerns with you. 

Baby Clinic (Monday afternoon)
Drop in clinic for baby weighing and advice from the health visitors in areas such as play and development , sleep problems, behaviour management, eating problems and nutrition, speech and language and toilet training.

Starting Family Foods (Friday mornings)

This is booked via your health visitor.

A session for health professionals to advise on when to introduce your baby to solid foods, what to prepare and what to avoid. Please call the health visiting team directly on 01483 783261 to book your space.